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What is an SEO Consultant?

An SEO Consultant is a specialist who is proficient in search algorithm concepts and internet technologies, who performs analysis and optimization procedures on websites with the ultimate goal of improving its search engine rankings.

What skills are needed to become a Professional SEO Consultant?

Since effective search engine optimization involves website source code changes, it requires knowledge in web-design and development technologies like HTML/XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, CGI, Perl, CMS and other disciplines. One needs to be proficient in web-metrics analysis, search engine algorithm concepts and graphics optimization techniques since website optimization involves improving the page loading time, troubleshooting and conducting performance analysis to determine the problem areas and to measure the success of the SEO campaign. It is vital that an SEO specialist can formulate an effective SEO strategy that complies with the Search Engines' rules and guidelines. Skills in CMS, blog writing, RSS syndication, backlink acquisition and social media are all required.

What qualifies me to become an SEO Consultant?

I am a Computer Science Master and I specialize in search algorithms and internet technologies. I have many successful SEO campaigns and a number of highly satisfied clients with top search engine positions. I have been in the SEO industry for 5 years now. 3 years as a company programmer and SEO Specialist and 2 years as an independent contractor and freelance SEO service provider. I am a Google Certified Web Metrics Analyst.

Why are there Bad SEO Consultants?

In conducting "OFF-SITE" optimization, it is necessary to do the "grunt" works like blogging, RSS, social media management and other link acquisition methods. These types of tasks can be done with little knowledge in the core principles of search concept and search engine optimization. Sometimes, people with basic knowledge in these areas post as SEO experts.

Without a proper and efficient SEO strategy to follow, the campaign is bound to fail. It can be compared to "sailing on the Atlantic without a compass". There is more to backlink building than just mere acquisition of links. The quality, relevance, link properties (anchor text, rel tag, etc.), PR and theme of the linking page, link velocity are all important to ensure that google and other search engines will give a positive and not a penalty score on the website for the keywords that are being optimized for. It is also vital to conduct proper on-site optimization before going on to link building. It is important to analyze the website metrics and determine the status of the campaign and be able to spot trends and take advantage of them. It takes an advanced technical skills and lot of years of research, analysis, trial and error and experience to master the arts of search engine optimization. There are no shortcuts.

Unskilled SEO practitioners tend to make mistakes that could hurt the rankings of the website or worst - have it banned in search engines. Common mistakes like duplicate contents, spam links, cloaked texts and over-optimization can lead to search engine penalty. Another reason why there are bad SEO consultants is that there are SEO providers who employ unethical tactics called "black hat" methodologies. These schemes are designed to manipulate the search results and have a very short term effect and often lead to penalty and to being banned from search engines.

A Good SEO Consultant is...